Sunday, November 1, 2009

what is Mr Shah Birth date .. ?

Yesterday in a party, I asked Mr. Shah his birthday. With a mischievous glint in his eyes he replied. "The day before yesterday I was 83 years old and next year I will be 86."
Can you figure out what is the Date of Birth of Mr. Shah? Assume that the current year is 2000.


  1. Ok...this ones a pretty common puzzle.
    There can be only 2 approaches.One would be either to consider the leap year possibility or that we are talkin at the start of the year i.e jan 1. Leap year is ruled out cos the ages are not integral multiple of 4. So we must be talkin at the start of a year. Moreover the 'day before yesterday' provides the hint that we must be talking at the year start and not the year end.
    So let 1 Jan 2000 be current day.
    30 Dec 1999, Mr S was = 83 yrs old.
    In 2001, Mr S will be = 86 yrs old.

    Filling the gaps above, we have,
    30 Dec 1999, Mr S was = 83 yrs old.
    31 Dec 1999, Mr S is = 84 yrs old
    31 Dec 2000, Mr S is = 85 yrs old
    In 2001 (which is 31 Dec 2001), Mr S = 86 yrs

    So Birthdate = 31 Dec.
    Tracing back, DOB = 31 Dec 1915

  2. @Raj good dude .. its the correct answer ...


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